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The Army Dude is a big believer in the 10,000 hour theory. That's how the army does it. They train and train and train some more -- and then, under pressure, with bullets flying and the adrenalin pumping, they can still do what they've trained to do because it's become automatic.

Thanks Laura, for getting me thinking about this... and applying it to the things I should be doing whether or not I feel like it. :)

Laura Irrgang

Yep--when Im not experiencing Im a glorious excellent perfect genius results, I get pouty.
But thats kind of annoying of me, isnt it?
99.9% of us arent prodigies. You get good by working hard, and doing things over and over and over again.
So....back to the grindstone, maties!
Actually, if youre doing something you love (and OH how I hope you all are!) its not a grindstone.
There are days, though, where youre going to have to be content with crap. Or mediocrity.
I want to stop viewing those days as failures, and as necessary stepping stones.

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