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Molly Stevens

I just finished up reading this book, I definitely rushed through a little bit so I could catch the movie in theaters. I absolutely loved the book, and was a little confused by the movie. It ended up being very, very loosely based on the book. I always try to appreciate the movie adaptation for what it is, but I was definitely confused about it! I was pretty excited when I realized the story took place in SC. Every year my family rents one of the Folly Beach vacation rentals so I felt like I had a pretty good idea of the setting. I'm hoping to read the next book in the series on the beach down there!

Laura Irrgang

Hey Molly!
Im so excited to see it. Did you recognize any of the places?
I love it when Ive been to the actual setting of a movie.
I used to live in Austin, and many films have been shot there recently.
Its fun to say----I walked on that street!!!!

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