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Gorgeous! Thank you for a big dose of pretty to start my day!

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Maria!
I like to fill my head with visual goodness, too.
Its nice to start the day feeling inspired.


I found the snow queen in narnia especially frightening...I think because cold scares me. Real bone chilling cold. Not to mention the evil personality. Lovely illustrations here.

Laura Irrgang

I was scared of her in the books, too.
I thought Tilda Swinton was a brilliant casting choice for the movies.
Her costumes were so impressive.

Jill James

I give a Christmas book as a neighbor gift each year (this Christmas, they will now have 23 books)......and The Snow Queen would be wonderful...

One of the most charming things about living where I do ~ Utah ~ is the wintertime. It's so crisp & bare but cozy all at once.....Our neighborhood is on the side of a mountain and the houses are stair~stepped.....snowy roofs w/smoke curling out as you're driving down the hill.

I like the faces in the snowflakes!

Laura Irrgang

Sigh....you mean you have a REAL WINTER?
So jealous.
But happy for you.

I really, really like the neighbor gift idea.
Too bad I only have one neighbor.
Id love to see that collection.

If I havent mentioned it before (HINT HINT)
I would love to see images and hear blurbs from your life.
Still...its not like you might have the desire or time.
And, it kind of puts you out there for all the world to see,
which I can understand how not everyone might be into.

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