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I love these! Remember the school library check out cards? It was so cool to see if you knew anyone on the list before you! It always made me smile when I got one a friend (or sister!) had read before me.
My Dad should use these; he is a voracious reader (2-5 per week)who is constantly loaning out books. He gets offended if someone won't read something he just KNOWS they would love. I kinda do too. Pearson....eccentricity.

Laura Irrgang

Oh, eccentricity....
is that what the kids are calling it these days?


My mom took Sis and me to the library a couple times a month. I developed a love for reading early on, maybe because Mom reading story books to me was so precious. The old way of tracking books was certainly tedious, huh? And to find a book you had to be able to use the card catalog, especially in a larger library. Useless skills nowadays. I give most of my books away; often I will carefully choose which book to give someone, so, yeah, I get kinda offended, too, if they won't give it a try.

Jill James

ha! before I sternly shush, I must drape on my cardigan (complete with jeweled clasp!)


Laura Irrgang

Ive wished for years I had purchased a card catalog I saw at a flea market.
I just had no idea how rare and expensive they would become, and I only had a tiny apartment at the time.
Do you remember microfiche and microfilm?
I guess those are obsolete now.

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