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May 20, 2017


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Laura Tieri

Hi there! Finally finished all of your mermaid posts. Quite the cast of characters! :0)
That was fun! I can't wait to see the unicorns! I've always loved unicorns!
Hope you are all doing well! Has it been hot down by you? It has been very cool & rainy by us. I don't mind the cooler temperatures but I don't care for all the cloudy, dreary days. We've planted a lot of new things & I'm sure they're loving the rain but they need the sun too!!!
Have a fun holiday weekend!!!

Laurel Smith

I love your mermaids but am concerned with the absence of Miss "F is for". Perhaps the elephant seal stepped on her? Or she made a sucker bet with the octopus? Please don't keep us in suspense.

Laura Irrgang

Laura T.!!! Hi there. Yes, those mermaids are weirdos, but I like them. I need to update the unicorns, but you're welcome to follow on Instagram or my Facebook page too (Laura Irrgang Artist). I keep those updated daily. I'm going to reform my blog slackery-ness! :) It has actually been really nice and (relatively) cool this spring. I bet your dreary days will make that garden pop! Send photos when it starts sending out bounty. I hope you and your family have a good holiday too. We just got KITTENS yesterday, so it's kitten thirty around here. Photos soon. We're too busy playing with them. Bye!

Laura Irrgang

Hi Laurel! Is my "F mermaid" not showing up? Here's a link:
You might have to cut and paste that.
I'm glad you like them!!! They're such oddball little paintings and text, but I had so much fun creating them. And I love the idea of a sucker bet with an octopus. Too bad I already did "O".
Thanks for stopping by. Come visit me any time!

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