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March 02, 2017


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Laura Tieri

Don't you wish you could have met & chatted with people like him & Walt Disney? Very interesting minds!
My favorite story when I was a kid was the one where the dogs have a party in the tree. I think it's Go, Dog. Go!
I just saw your previous post & I have to say that your butterflies are BEAUTIFUL!!!
I can't wait until they are flying around again. It's been unseasonably warm here in Illinois. We surpassed many record high days & record number of days with no snow. Now it's crazy. We had warm temps., storms, a tornado that was too close for comfort, & snow flurries the next day! It's like you wear shorts one day & pull out the mittens the next! Tuesday was a bad day for storms. Not far from me they had baseball sized hail! I think they said it was the first time we had a tornado in our area this early in the year. I have to say, they terrify me! Hope you are all doing well!

Laura Irrgang

Nice to hear from you, Laura T.! And yes...Disney and Seuss were visionaries. I wonder if we would like them "in real life"?
The weather has been wacky down here too. Tornadoes are CRAZY, aren't they? So unpredictable. I live in Tornado Alley, and I bite my nails all through the worst season. Ones that come in the night worry me the most.
It's nice to hear from you, too!

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