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February 11, 2015


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Laura Tieri

My, oh my! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!
Where did you get so many dinos?
At first I thought, the one with the red bow & red purse was my favorite, then I thought the spaghetti one. But wait, the one putting make-up on in the mirror is it... or maybe the kissing booth! I would have loved to see them in person! Sooo cool!
I liked the things in the last post too. I was wondering what was to become of those random items! Was that tiny Olaf a cake topper? He was so cute with those tiny, tiny trees!


Laura T.-Thank you! These were so fun to make. I kind of went overboard. (Ya think?) I bought a big box of them used on eBay.
Random items from the Frozen castle...let's see...Violet got the little toys to play with, and I gave a friend the castle for her daughter's birthday party.

Laura Tieri

I was wondering what question you were answering about the random items. I meant, before they were put together. You asked us what we thought the random items would become. I was wondering what was going to become of the parts you showed us. It took a while before we got to see what became of them. I like the idea reusing things like that. I don't want you to think I was being nosy about what you did with the finished projects. :0)
Did your friend do a Frozen themed birthday with the castle? My neighbor just did one for her daughter. I let her use a bunch of my snowflake decorations for it. I used to decorate a sort of winter theme after Christmas. It's so bare after the Christmas decorations come down & it's not time for Spring stuff yet. I don't do it anymore but I still have the stuff I used.
Vanessa's posting pictures of the spring flowers coming up. I'm jealous of you guys down south & west! All I see is lots of white snow outside!


Laura T-You're so funny! I totally didn't understand your question. Chalk it up to lack of sleep or getting *ahem* older. Yes...my friend's daughter is doing a Frozen theme.
And I love the idea of leaving winter-but-not-Christmas decorations up. Send a photo sometime if you want to! I love seeing other people's homes and decorations and celebrations.


I...can't even...this is...wow. Just...wow. You just made my year. :D


Thank you, Leah! I always look forward to stuff you come up with, too.


I love these ferociously bite-tastic kiss monsters. What a fantastic party these kids are going to have! I did LOVE decorating shoe boxes for V-cards and would keep them for months afterward. They were a treasure trove of friendly wishes and occasionally an extremely old, hard candy heart with some awkward mushy message.

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