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February 18, 2015


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Laura Tieri

Good for you! I'm all about recycling! We have to pay extra to have recycling pick-up every other week. I think it's worth it. Since you have so much land, do you compost too?


Laura T-I did when I had a big garden. Before the girls, I LOVED my humongous organic veggie/herb/flower garden. Theeeennnn...I had kids. I tried gardening with the girls, but they're not very interested and end up pulling more flowers than weeds-ha! Maybe in a few years.


My teenager shamed us into recycling a few years back. We still make heavy use of the trash can, and I do so appreciate weekly garbage pickup. I have 5 crates in the mudroom and 2 on the back steps to contain the recyclables. Then we, uh Bob, goes to the collection place which is only 10 minutes away. We are blessed.

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