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April 04, 2014


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Laura that was amazing!! You rock!

I live on candied ginger.

Of course, unless someone leaves a baby in a basket at my gate, I guess I won't be able to implement. Although, I may have to use them on myself :)

But i have to say, your family is so beautiful, and the girls are getting soooo big Laura, omg!! OH!!


Laura Tieri

Those are some good ideas! I should have my husband use them on me! :0) I go stir crazy sitting still for so long! I have to pack a ton of things to do & crunchy snacks to keep me alert when we take a road trip. I tie ribbons on my suitcase handle. You can spot it very quickly! I'm glad you guys got to go on a nice family vacation! It's always nice to get away. I'm still wanting to get to a nice warm, sunny place!!!


Great tips! I love the idea of giving Violet a watch so she can start telling time by the length of the plane ride.

I give you a lot of credit for traveling with two small children. I'm shattered by air travel and I only have me to worry about.


Back when I was a little kid (you know, when we rode dinosaurs) I would amuse myself on road trips by following our route on a road map. I would identify cross roads and small towns and as a consequence became quite adept at reading a map, an ability that came in really handy in the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam. With GPS navigation available now, I wonder if kids will even know what a map is for?


Laura & Vanessa-It cracks me up that y'all would use the tips on yourself. If we ever take a roadtrip, I'll totally get you some tickets and a good behavior pouch.

Maria-Thanks. (You big baby.)

Grump-Jungle and rice paddy map reading sounds kind of wretched. So glad you made it home. I bet you know all the little towns and best places to get beef jerky in Texas, though. And maybe Viet Nam? I'm guessing they were slim in the jerky department. Perhaps on our next visit you and Violet can play with a map? I've never done it but I heard those GPC geocaching (I think that's what it's called) things have some adventurey-activities for kids. You find a spot they designate, and find a prize at the end and leave your own, like a small toy or something. Ever heard of that?

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