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February 27, 2014


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That is so exciting. Can I move in right next door to the mouse? I need something tiny and magical and dreamy in my life right now.

So amazing!

Gerushia's New World

P.S. I haven't forgotten to get back to you. Things have just not been so great around here lately. I haven't even blogged since February 13. Trying to hold all the pieces together. :-(


You're always welcome, Kim-but it would be a tight squeeze.
I'm sorry things aren't going well on your end. Hang in there, friend!

jill james

making childhood magical Laura (and love your husband is part of it also)


That is too adorable for words! You are the most fun parents ever!


Thanks, Maria! I sure love those girls. I want them to have fun memories from these years. Watch Violet remember...you wouldn't let me touch the door!


Everyone should have such a magical childhood. What a great Mom you are!


Thanks! Now watch them never leave home. They'll be thirty, living in the basement. "It's not fuuuuun to have a job!" they'll whine.

Laura Tieri

That is just the cutest thing! I want to peek inside! Do you think it's like the inside of a Genie bottle, all comfy & cozy with lots of pillows? Probably with lots of cheese in it too!


Thanks, Laura T. There are secrets behind that door. Just you wait!


Oooooh!! Perfection!! how beyond sweet!

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