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January 16, 2014


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I would love to spend the night in the magical guest room. I would fall asleep and dream the best dreams ever. You could become the merchant of dreams. Truly amazing. I am so happy for you Laura!

Laura Tieri

Oh how exciting! It turned out great!
I just now saw both posts. I did watch your videos of the grand opening!
Wow, the stripes in the Halloween room, wow!
The organ is cool! We had an organ when I was little but it looked nothing like that one.
I can't wait to see all the creating you do in that wonderful space!
Oh my, a hanging bed! ; )


Very nice. So what are you using the Halloween room for? It's very cool. It has the circus tent feel about it. I bet painting that was a pain.


Thanks, Ryan! Painting that ceiling nearly drove me to tears. But I love it now. I used to (and will again) make Halloween art, toys, and decorations for a business. I've always a room to display my Halloween goodies. I collect, too. So---Halloween year round!

Lisa Muncy

WOW!!! Absolutely love it!!! It's fantastic, I can't wait to see how you decorate and organize all your crafts and lovely things!! And show us what you create in there, okay!!!! So lovely, you are truly blessed!!


You and Adam must be so proud of your studio, and relieved that it is done. The structure alone is an accomplishment, but all of your well thought out decorating and finishing touches make is extra special. Congratulations.


Thank you so much, Charlotte. I am soooo impressed with Adam's skills. From the walls to the electricity to the plumbing, he did almost EVERYTHING! The only thing he didn't do was the shell of the building and spray drywall texture. How amazing that he just learned how to do EVERYTHING. He never ceases to impress me.

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