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November 05, 2013


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Vanessa {a Fanciful Twist}

Laura, you guys are such a breathtakingly beautiful family......

Happy Halloweeen Forever!!

Vanessa {a Fanciful Twist}

Violet it soooo polite! I love how she tells the lady that she likes her basket. That was soooo funny and sweeet!

Oh and, her costume is amazing. I love how show hold her arms out and shows it off.

By the way, Piper as an owl does me in totally. I am melted!!!


Thank you, VanessaLove.
Violet is heartbreakingly polite. And we guide her but don't FORCE her...she does it herself. It's so sweet.


Oooooh, videos. Thank you! It just makes me smile to see you and hear your voices. The girls' costumes are excellent, Mama. You are quite the designer and seamstress. DO SAVE some of these items for keepsakes. I know you will, but I didn't! It makes me sad 'cause I remember Mom made me a pink tutu that I sure wish I still had. Hugs.


That Black Widow costume is awesome!


Those costumes are awesome! Cutest deadly spider and owl ever!


Thanks, Maria-
Boy, Violet changed her mind Over and Over and Over. About two weeks before Halloween, I make her pick one and stick with it. There is some whining involved, unfortunately. Threats of "no trick or treating for whiny kids" works like a charm.

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