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October 31, 2013


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Your girls look absolutely adorable all dressed up for Halloween. Well, they look adorable anyway!

I can't wait to see your studio all furnished and gussied up. It's gonna look amazing.

Happy Halloween!
Gerushia's New World

P.S. I love your outfit in the above photos.

P.P.S. Your husband can beat up all the other husbands in the world!

Laura Tieri

Ha! You did post pictures already! Never mind the e-mail!
How cute you all look! I'd be nervous with the clippers too!
Love the Halloween room walls with the arched doorway! Very cool!
Happy Halloween!


Thanks, Laura T. and Kim!
I'm so excited to get that studio done soon. And I sure love that man of mine.


I asked for photos and you delivered! YAY! The girls are adorable and you and Adam are a gorgeous couple.

Jess Witkins

Awww sooo adorbs! Love all the witchy fun. The girls' hair looks beautiful with those braids and bows!


Adam did WHAT to his hair? Moving on...your stripped walls in the studio are fab. That magazine "Where Women Create" needs to visit you when you are all moved in. Awesome. The girls are adorable in costume. What a great mom you are to encourage lots of fun adventures.


Oh, Mama Crab Charlotte....that hair.
It is High and Tight now...that severe Jarhead look.
Where Women Create, I'll be ready for my close-up soon. Ahem.
Have I mentioned lately that I could squeeze my girleens until they pop?
I hope you had a good Halloween, too.

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