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October 14, 2013


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Vanessa {a Fanciful Twist}

It's so close, so close, so close!!!!


I know, Vanessa. I know.
I am trying to be patient.

Laura Tieri

Wow, I guess you probably wouldn't want to light a match in there right now!
That green container with the weird lettering looks like it came off of an alien spaceship or something!
I can't believe it's half way to Halloween! I'm enjoying my decorations that are all up now!
It's getting to be soup weather here now, highs in the 50's!
Good luck with your project!

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Laura! Yep...its crazy flammable stuff. The pale greenish-aqua container is an Israeli military gas can. I have NO idea why my husband has it. Maybe its from one of those kooky army navy surplus stores? Do you have photos of your Halloween stuff? I love seeing other peoples decorations. Bye!


Laura, did you try acetone? (I probably spelled that wrong) I always thought that stuff would dissolve anything! But be careful, acetone makes lacquer thinner seem like water. Dangerous stuff!


Thanks, Grump/Lloyd-
I read that acetone in particular might affect the color of the slab. When you apply the acid stain, it reacts with the different minerals in the concrete mix. Some concrete people think the acetone makes a blotch that will take the acid differently, making it look weird.

jill james

Laura....you crack me up! Watched that youtube....

Be careful with all those flamables....I thought the floor looked great before!

jill james

or flammables....

Vanessa {a Fanciful Twist}


OKAY so get this.

The first pic, I thought it was scoring in the conrete, I did not realize that THAT WAS THE TAPE MARKING FROM HELL!!

WHOLEY Moley, how awful!!

OH OH, awful nasty awful tape!

I feel for you worse now. I thought it was along the edges, not all through the room.


ANd i never have said that ever, let alone typed it.

Is it fixed?

Looove, me

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