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September 24, 2013


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Bran finally got some when her high school boyfriend gave her some as a present! Better late than never, but they were a gyp that could break a little kid! No clothes, nothing like the picture on the box, no anthropomorphizing at all. It's like having a tank of mosquito larvae!

Laura Tieri

Yes, I was a spoiled only child & I had these!
That picture brings back memories! Do they still sell them?
They were a type of shrimp, looking nothing like the picture.


Lol! I always wanted them too. My wish finally came true when I was in my twenties! The real ones were still kind of cool, even if they didn't do tricks.

Laura Irrgang

Hey Laura T.---I'm an only child, too! But I couldn't talk my parents into them. So how big were they? Smaller than the shrimp we eat, right?

Laura Irrgang

Lucky you, Leah! I'm tempted buy my growns-up-self some, but it seems like something that would just sit around in a bowl and get stinky.

Laura Irrgang

I knew it Dusti! I knew they'd be stinky little bug larva or something. That's sweet that Bran's boyfriend got her some, though.

Tui Snider @mentalmosaic

Oh, yeah! I thought they were going to be my best friends. I saved up and bought some and they barely grew at all before croaking.

What a bummer!

Speaking of those ads... I also wanted the mini spy camera and the hovercraft, but those were way out of my league.



No joke, Tui-those back-of-the-comic ads were just made to torture children.

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