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September 30, 2013


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So true! It's a good thing I didn't get my teenage dreams of movie stardom and/or glamorous jet set life. I had no idea what would make me happy over the long haul.

Give me a rainy day, a classic movie, and a purring kitty and I am content.


So, Maria-
Did the kids who wanted a quiet dinner and a spouse and husband now have have the rockstar lifestyle? I doubt it.

Lisa Muncy

Wow!! This sounds like my life, except now all my babies are in school, and some evenings I'm driving my daughter to dance lessons (after chicken and veggies put in a crockpot)! But I'm cleaning house all day, just no more babies at home, lol. Hmmmm. . .maybe it's time to have another?? Hello, Laura! I fell off the radar for awhile but now I'm back, and just caught up reading your blog. Your girls have grown so much, and they're so pretty!! The studio looks great!! So great, that now I have to beg him to build me one. . .I'm blaming you for that, LOL!! It would be so wonderful to have my own Halloween room, and a dollhouse room, too. Then my family wouldn't have to have TONS of my "JUNK" fall all over them everytime they open one of the closets!! :D Keep posing pics of updated studio, just love it!!

Lisa Muncy

OOOpppss. . ."him" was supposed to say "my husband", LOL.


Welcome back, Lisa-so glad to hear from you. You can beg my husband to build you a studio, but he has to finish mine first!
I'm already feeling verklempt about the years when baby Piper will be going off to kindergarten. But part of me is super excited to get some time to myself again, too. Thanks for the compliments about the girls...I think they're so lovely, but I'm their Mama, so of COURSE I think that. And if you saw the mountain of JUNK surrounded me right now, you'd shudder.


I feel like I've been 3 different women in my long life. My poor husband was in for quite a shock when I turned into woman #3. He married #2. LOL. Gee, I'm embarrassed. I thought that was Piper in the first pic!


Don't worry, Charlotte-she looks like Piper to me, too. Or the other way around.

I wish I had met Charlotte #1. You're behind on my Charlotte Tales, by the way. Perhaps you'll treat me to one this fall when I get a quiet moment? If I lived within driving distance, I'd ply you with edibles.

Brandi McKenna

So sweet and true,..good gifts you have Laura!

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