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July 11, 2013


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Laura Tieri

That is sooo cool! I was in Michael's last week & they had their fall flowers, crows, owls, & halloween ribbon out already. The summer stuff is on sale & they said when that's gone, the Halloween stuff will come out! It's hard to believe we're more than half way to Christmas!

Laura Irrgang

Oh, man Laura! When you put it that way...more than halfway to Christmas, it makes me feel freaked out about this year. Is it just me or is this one whizzing past at breakneck speed?

Rhonda Roo

I cannot EVEN BELIEVE it is July. And I missed the tea party. And August is like, tomorrow, practically..which means September is right around the corner, which is of course when I trot out my Halloween d├ęcor..but like, I'm in a new abode so I'm gonna have to find it all, which I should do now, because then it will be Thanksgiving and we all know how that morphs warp speed into Christmas, and then it's the new year and my tree gets little hearts on it for Valentine's Day because I didn't take it down and I contemplate an Easter tree but before I know it, it's July....

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