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June 10, 2013


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Laura Tieri

Cool suits! Certainly a lot less revealing than our modern day bikinis. I guess they were considered very revealing for their time, compared with those full coverage black ones that they wore earlier.
I really like those umbrellas. Most umbrellas now are all about function & not style. That's one trend that we'll probably never see again,umbrellas for the sun.
Hosiery with a bathing suit? That's a crazy combo.!


I like 'em all!


Show bathing suits on real people. Are you high? Hmm, maybe 5 women over the age of 35 in the world would we want to look at. I say, no skirts or rompers. Go for the comfort and freedom of a 2 piece, with a tight t-shirt over the top for coverage...a wet suit type top even better. Why, yes, all my swimming is in warm climates where the average age of us ladies is 65...and we don't care!!

Laura Irrgang

Charlotte, you probably look better than half the people on the beach.
I dont know about that wet suit material. I think it feels terrible-do you like it?
Its so...hmmm...constricting, I guess.

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