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June 11, 2013


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Laura Tieri

O.K. I have a question about the photo by the pool. Is that a man in the yellow top, red shorts thingie? If so, is he wearing white high heels?
I love the picture before that. Nothing says a day at the beach like high heels & socks! Same thing with the ballet slippers!


To Laura Tieri, Yup, that's a guy. Most people don't know it, but before the 1940's (I think?!?), men also were not allowed bare chests in public, even swimming, just like the ladies!

Stacy Ross

I would wear every single one of these...especially the flamingo suit. The cape? Can't see that going over at the community pool.

Wanna go thrift store swimsuit shopping?
C'mon. You know you wanna.

Laura Irrgang

I totally wanna.
When do I NOT wanna?

Laura Irrgang

Im afraid that man is a woman, Laura T.
And yes---nothing says Day at the Beach like bathing suits made of WOOL, too!


I am OBSESSED with the 2nd suit down - the "fawn" colored one. I want it big-time. Also, I'm sure you could sew up a suit - I've made 6 suits, and it's not hard at all! DO IT!!

Laura Irrgang

Isnt that the perfect color, Sandra!
So flattering on....well, ANYONE.
But especially pale little petite blonds with blue eyes, if you know who I mean.

What are you doing, running for Ms. Hawaii?
Do you just prance about in a bathing suit?

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