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June 03, 2013


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Too cute!!


No wonder I used to get spanked and sent to my room so much :)

Reminds me of me!

Poor Piper, that sweet girl.

And well, from Violet's persective, there is an intruder in her domain, hahahaa!

What do you say to calm the whole thing?

Jill James

I was the oldest sister but acted like the youngest. My youngest sister is the boss momma.....

When your girls get older, you will have to take up some serious wine drinking & hide in your bedroom.....(wish I took that advice)


I agree with advice to put lock on bedroom door, and furnish it with a wine refrig. Let the girls sort it out for themselves. Really, after a bloody nose or 2, they'll retreat to separate corners. You think I'm kidding?! LOL!!! Keep the fight episodes coming. I just love how fussy Vi gets, and Piper is unstoppable. And she doesn't even KNOW (or care) that she's sending Sister into a snit. Right?

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