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June 14, 2013


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This is such a delight to share your special day. The candid pics are a lovely remembrance.

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Fairy God Charlotte!
I like those oops photos best of all.
Theres one where theyre both so grumpy. Ill have to send it to you.


These photos make me smile! Such adorable girls!



It's like, time is spinning so fast, it is morphing out of control, in this crazy spiral!!

Two little girls, Violet looking so grown up, with that pretty long hair.

Piper as precious as ever.

And you, so pretty too.

And the time... the time.....

Going like water.

I am, literally off to a birthday party for my dad.

And I am on the computer printing some photos for him.

Earlier I was looking through all my family photos, and it was like... a time warp.

It made me so sad.

Like this fast crazy time warp, and here we are.

I know you are savoring evry single little moment.

But yes, cliche as it is, it's the truth...

Times spins out of control... and goes so fast.

Ever so fast.

Beautiful photos!!

Love to you all!!

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