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June 01, 2013


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Laura Tieri

Looks like nobody has any ideas! :0)
On your past posts.... When I was a little girl I loved roller derby! I used to watch it all the time. I was a dad's dream. I loved watching roller derby, hockey, wrestling (when the guys all looked like Uncle Fester & not pretty boys), and anything scary or with monsters! I was probably too young to watch most of it, but I think I turned out o.k. I still love the same things now. Maybe not the wrestling as much. I was really little but I knew the names of all the Blackhawks players & my favorite toy was a tabletop hockey game.
Your studio is amazing! Is it separate from your house or an addition or what? I'm jealous, I just have a small bedroom for a craft room. We may be moving at some point. We both have many hobbies & need more room.

Laura Tieri

P.S. It's nice of you to build such a nice studio for the snakes to hang out in!


Laura, where is your beautiful video?????

Jill James

I am starting big....BIG I tell you! I am cleaning out my closet!!!!!!! The trunk is full now for the thrift shop & the hoarder in me wants to go back through it......

Listening to Hay House World Seminar. Every day 10 to 12 hours of different speakers. A reminder that we create our own life :)

Remember when I told you I wanted to write a book called "My Medicare Circus"? Well, it isn't so circusy any more ~ I made an affirmation to attract a different clientele and it worked.....everyone is so interesting. It makes you think about your own life differently.

Laughing at Laura T's comment! If I were a snake, I'd never leave the studio digs either.......

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