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June 25, 2013


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That dinner sounds delicious! I'm jealous of the carbonator! We're still buying our fizzy water, and that is soooo 2005.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Happpppyyyyy birthdayssssss and birthdays and birthdays all around!!!!

You guys are all precious, I tell ya!

Piper is hilarious and adorable! She and Adam are twins.

Such a doll, and Violet.. always the princess!

Hey, Adam looks like a different person in the meat smoking photo. Is her super tan or something? I can't put my finger on it.

I want to come over and carboante things with you, k?

You all are lovely as ever!!


Violet and Piper are a perfect mix of you and Adam. Like one of those 3-D images that shift shape as you rotate it up/down? One view they look like Adam and the next view they look like Mama. In all views darling. I give you an A for effort for even trying gnocci. I do love it. Ellen used some Cost Plus World Market brand and it was pretty good. With cream and parmesan, of course it was.

Laura Tieri

Happy Birthday to one and all.
I love the girls with their bling! Adorable!

Jill James

Did I tell you? Adam is hot! And he barbeques....extra hotness. And he bought you a SERIOUS carbonator!

Only Italian grandmothers should be making from scratch gnocchi. Charlotte is right.....cream & parmasean fix up any store bought vacuum packed gnocchi.

p.s. your babies are beautiful ~ Happy Birthday to All

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Laura T.!

Laura Irrgang

Jill-let me go check.
Yup. Hes still hot.
And he makes the best brisket in Texas.
Gnocchi...not doing that again.

Rhonda Roo

Happy super late birthday Irrgangs!

Brisket, I JUST met brisket recently...of course, my love affair is torrid. With sauce. Sometimes papaya curry. Holy Moses, brisket. But I digress.

Love to the Birthday Family!!!xoxoxox

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