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May 08, 2013


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I think I'm gonna cry. I was just thinking last night, looking at my 3 kitties sprawled on my bed, of the pain of losing a beloved pet. Is having a pet for years, bringing joy each day, worth the inevitable pain of losing them? I suppose the answer is "yes", but the pain lingers.

Laura Irrgang

I still have days where I forget shes gone, and the memory brings tears to my eyes.
Bronte was my companion most of my adult life. It was so hard to lose her, but very worthwhile to have her in my life for so long.

Laura Irrgang

HA! Youre killing me, Tex. She ate that thing right up. We could never teach her to blow out the candles, though.I miss the dumbest things about her. She had the WORST breath, but it was part of her sketchy charm. She was very disobedient, and loved to dig up everything I planted. She rolled in dead stuff (her favorite was poo) and wore sweaters I knitted. Then I had to handwash said poo-encrusted sweaters. Boy, Im not making her sound very fun, am I? I swear she was a charming dog.

Jill James

Look at Bronte's beautiful baby face! What a love. I am so attached to my fur baby.....I can't bear to think about it.

Your husband took on your child just like Bronte was his own!

I don't care....I'm a dog nut.

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