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April 21, 2013


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LOVE those girls!

Violet's hairdo is exactly how I wore my hair most of college.

Isn't that funny???

She is adorable!

Piper is beyond, I don't even think there is a word.

She is beyond darling.

And Piper seems to have the most lovely little melt your heart personality - almost breaks your heart with that little face.

She seems so, so.... what is the word???

So sweet and kind that her face breaks your heart.


Ditto everything VV says. Plus, I couldn't help but notice that you at Violet's age had your mouth agape. Could it be that you were a non-stop talker, too? Wait, wait, that didn't come out right. I mean...a curious sort, full of wonder and delight. These pics are just too precious. Your girls are dressed TO KILL. The trim on Piper's velvet dress looks very special and vintage. And Violet's summery dress with those boots? Beyond.


One more thing. You are in for a decade of "she's touching me". This is a SIN, SIN, I tell you. I recommend an iPod with a good set of earbuds. My poor mother in pre-iPod days. The radio was always turned on and I don't think it was just for love of music.

Laura Irrgang

Perhaps duct tape would be a more fitting babysitter?
If I tape their hands to themselves, no one will be touching anyone.
I love that little dress of Pipers. Tulle and netting are so soft now, compared to the scratchy fabrics of my childhood.

I think moms everywhere stick earbuds in their ears all day for child-dulling reasons.


Super cute! I just want to give them big hugs!

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