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March 27, 2013


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I think that's a great idea! We all like a tangible feeling of accomplishment, whether we're crossing things off our to-do list, or we've finish X amount of a big report at work or school, or we're piling freshly baked cookies into the cookie jar and then restoring order to the kitchen.

When so much of learning necessarily happens in your head, I think making it into a game where Violet can look with satisfaction at the growing pile of what she knows in a tangible way is brilliant!

Laura Irrgang

Youre right, Maria! You made me see that in a new way.
Tangible things are important for grown-ups, too, dont you think?
I sometimes receive so much encouragement from a thing I can TOUCH.
And did you say piling freshly baked cookies into a cookie jar?
How about piling them directly into my mouth?


It's not "piling them into your mouth," it's "quality control." :)

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