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March 19, 2013


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I love owls, and I am jealous. Congratulations on having one move in the custom owl box. We have barred and great horned. But the barred chase the others away, sadly. When I hear the call I always get up and open my window wider, hoping for a fly-by. Last fly-by was right in front of Buffy's nose. That was very cool.


Owls are the bestest!! Drinks for everyone, hiccups galore!! Patrick O'Neilly rapping at your door ;)


ps: Every evening about now, a big grey owl goes to the top of the hugest eucalyptus tree, and hoots. Last night I was sleeping (have been sleeping with windows open for about a week) and the coyotes howled like banshees for a long time. It woke Miles and Matty up who were sleeping on each side of me, and they sat up and howled too. It was lovely. Oh and crickets galore, although they torment me so when they get in the house. I go mad.


Cool! There's a Barred Owl that hangs out in my new neighborhood. I haven't heard him yet, though.


Yay! You get to see owl babies! That's so exciting! :D

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