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March 01, 2013


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This was hilarious!

Ratsy was a handsome young man. See what working for the office of the Inquisition does to you?

Laura Tieri

I get it...poparazzi. He always did scare me a little. I really liked John Paul ll. He seemed so nice. It was so sad seeing him deteriorate & try to keep on as Pope. It was hard to watch. He couldn't even keep his head up & you couldn't hear him. I think it's cool to step down before you get to that point. Could you imagine if we had to keep working until we died...no retiring! That would be horrible. You could be sick or on your death bed but....no quitting! Maybe he will have set a new standard to step down.
I liked your little jig. I think you did a fine job!
I also caught the Edward Gorey Google. I love his work!

Laura Irrgang

Laura T.---I know! It seems crazy (and even a little cruel) to expect someone to work until they die. Also, it seems like it cheats all the Catholics out of healthy Pope at the top of his popin game.

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