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March 07, 2013


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Where do you FIND this stuff??? Amazing!

Laura Tieri

Interesting stuff on that site. I LOVE that chair! It totally fooled me.
I have to say that the birds with boobs kind of freaked me out though!
I saw a couple trays like that a few years ago at a gift shop. I remember a monkey & I think a crow. I absolutely loved them. They were really expensive. I have an antique couch with a burgundy floral tapestry fabric & a matching high back chair with a burgundy velvet fabric. I thought the trays would have went well with them.

Jill James

This could be the theme for your art studio bathroom! Alongside said victorian curiosity cabinet piled high with bleached bones......you're almost inviting snoopers if you had the Aeries ram medicine cabinet.....

Laura Irrgang

Good plan, Jill. Except my studio bathroom is so narrow I dont think it can accommodate anything other than the basics. Maybe in my dream house. And I would totally snoop in the ram cabinet.

Laura Irrgang

Velvet rocks, doesnt it?

Jill James

I love velvet.....when one of my friends died (not that velvet & dying go together), an opera singer sung "She Wore Blue Velvet" at her funeral.....

I had a dark emerald green velvet sofa ..... it was dreamy.

How did Violet's friends like their velvet hand warmers?

Laura Irrgang

I dont know if her friends liked their handwarmers or not, Jill.
Her teacher said she liked them, but no one ever said anything about them.
I hope they didnt all end up in the trash!

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