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March 25, 2013


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I dunno?

But I am thinking, if there was a wood processor with a semi computer screen, that would save onto a memory stick or a little disk like a camera, that would be the bees knees.

I bet it exists?

Lovee has an old school one like that, and it saves onto those film like floppy disks.

And the screen is black with green jagged lettering.

You need the new version of it me thinks.



Why not a tablet? I love my iPad and have gotten used to typing on the touch screen, but I know they're expensive. The new windows tablets (with the snap ads) are well reviewed, or you can get an older tablet an an external keyboard if you don't like typing on the screen.

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Julia!
The tablets are great, but I cant justify the expense right now.
Also...Im pretty hard on equipment since I have 2 very young children at home, too.
I keep things away from them, obviously, but its a hectic time in our life, and Id like something more destruction-friendly and cheaper.
I have a really hard time typing on the flat screens, and all Im going to DO is type, so I need that option to work well. Also, Im not sure the external keyboard option will work so well on the go.
Im afraid that the more cords and external pieces I have, the greater the chance Ill misplace them.
Oh, evil technology!


Alright. Crazy idea popped into my head. "On the go" is the sticky bit. How about a mini tape recorder to record all of your plot lines, etc. Then, when you're home and the girls are sleeping, you could transcribe into your computer. All other portable devices that I know of are costly and may not be indestructible. There MAY be some old school device, but then you have to consider reliability. Tape recorder.

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