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March 30, 2013


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Jill James

Goodness! I want to squeeze them, they're so darling.....

and.....no......there is nothing better than kids' laughter!


Adorable!!! Walter Wasp and Wanda Wasp -- that smartypants is good at alliteration already!

Happy Easter to you and yours. :)

Laura Tieri

They are sooo cute! I have to get ready for church now but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter first! Enjoy the day!


Happy Easter Laura! Your girls are so precious!


Thanks for sharing. We love the video.


Happy happy happppppy Easter!!!


OMG. OMG!!! The best Easter present ever is this post. (well, OK, I did love my baskets as a kid) Piper couldn't take her eyes off you when you were filming the egg dye clip. As for wasps; I find some dorment ones in the firewood we bring into the house. They scare me so I am not kind to wasps. I would say if you have a few showing up...well, there must be a nest nearby. EEEEK.

Laura Irrgang

Oh, Charlotte! I wish you could share our real days with us.
Easter is so fun. I made--ahem, I mean the Easter Bunny-made chocolates and we used the Sees candy container you sent last year to store them. Violet thought it was sooo funny the Easter Bunny put them in the refrigerator. She imagined him standing on his bunny tiptoes to reach.

Laura Irrgang

Happy Easter, Jillums!

Stacy Ross

Oh those sweet girls. I LOVE that last picture.

And at a moment's notice I can be on my way with a flyswatter. I hate those nasty wasps.

Happy Easter, Irrgang Family!!!


Me again. I had to come back for more time with the girls. Even more adorable than yesterday.

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