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March 28, 2013


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I had this really dear friend.

We had a blast. She had a lot of hardships in life, and a lot of mental turmoil.

So, she began to change, and we drifted apart.

She died last year in March.

Her favorite color was orange.

She had an entirely orange wardrobe it seemed.

orange sandals, and orange pillows, and orange everything.

She was mad about the color.

And she pronounced it... Are-aunge.

But with a long elegant New York fancy lady song to it.

I had not missed her or thought about her much until recently.


I love orange too.

I try to remember the best of her - and I do. And, I love are-aunge because of her.


More than I would have otherwise.

In the first house I lived, which we moved into when I was about 1 year old - my mom had orange counter tops put in - with mushroom wallpaper.



And she misses that house all the time.

Go figure.


Can't you always tell a Vanessa story, before seeing her name. VV...the one and only. I love orange, and turquoise...happy colors. The kids can make me laugh with the "orange you glad" jokes.

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