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February 19, 2013


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Tayelor Pierce

Adorable! I love them! I am always changing our decor and looking for cool things to add

Jill James

I would buy everything I own from Etsy if $ were no object! Etsy & I go way back....my fave is the parasol I ordered from England. It's pagoda style & spectacular.

Those animals really do match you guys.....My husband would be the Cheetah, me the Stellar's Jay, My son Red Fox (who is 22 today eeeeek!) and my daughter Lady Rabbit. I LOVE these.....

Laura Irrgang

Oooh...I like the Cheetah, in particular, Jill.


Those are just too cute! You always have such unique and clever ideas.


Yay! I love his illustrations. Great idea matching them to your family members.

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