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February 27, 2013


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Jill James

Laura the Renaissance Woman! You keep your life hopping!!!

Let us see you doing a jig & playing next time.....you're right, the old cute Grandpa has good breath & he even sounds Irish.

My sister used to play the flute in the Jr Utah Symphony....our dog used to howl along....

Don't you also play the harp? ~~~not an easy instrument to play.

My daughter wants a musical saw for her birthday (Lord, it sounds like a cat wailing)

Laura Irrgang

Hi Jill--That is neat about your sister. Doesnt your daughter play flute, too? Do you play anything?

Yes, I play harp, too. And piccolo, but I dont have one. I bought a small lap harp right after Violet was born to play her lullabies, then bought a larger one a few years ago. I am not an expert, but I LOVE to play it---the sound is so soothing.
I play a bunch of other instruments really horribly.....trumpet, F horn, violin, mandolin, guitar, and various drums.

Musical saws are FUN! I saw a performance at a big, hokey (but tasty) German restaurant in Ft. Worth called Edelweiss. The lady was about 50 and looked like a German Dolly Parton poured into a blue gingham square dancing dress.

Laura Tieri

Hi there! Have you read Vanessa's latest post?
I'm so sad for her right now.


What a happy, pretty tune! I'd love to learn the dance that goes with it.

Laura Irrgang

Im imagining you in one of the Irish set dancing outfits, with your hair slicked back like the Celtic dancing girls wear it, Maria.

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