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February 19, 2013


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I love egg tempera.

By the by, Piper with actual originals is more than i can express. No words to muster.

Don't you just get total body chills when you find yourself in a room with actual originals? I get totally freaked/overwhelmed/outofmybody.

Once I was in a room with pure Modigliani's, and I almost fainted. Seriously.

Love Piper visiting the museum.

I think you should do a whole series of places Piper visits. Can ya?

Laura Irrgang

Hi V-
Yes, its a little silly, but I thought shed appreciate herself in front of Waterlilies and such later in life.
I saw some Modiglianis today! The color is really rich.
The large paintings in particular really move me.
You dont get any sense of scale from art history books.
And the images are always so flat.
Its amazing to see them in person.


I didn't think Piper here and there was silly, I LOVE IT!! I want more Piper visits posts.

I used to be taken to lots of museums all over the world by my parents. The scale is what always stuck with me as a child.

The immense scale religious paintings in the Balboa Park Museum, in San Diego are outrageous and mind blowing. Oddly enough all my visits there stick out even more than MoMa in NYC for some reason?

The scale, the paint, the feel --- it's an out of body experience for sure.


I loved this post from start to finish!

I know what you girls mean about the experience of being with the originals. I got to see the Mona Lisa in person a couple of years ago. I don't know how many images I've seen of the painting -- thousands, maybe -- but not one has ever done justice to how beautiful it is. Not one.

Of course, Piper adds to the beauty of anything she's photographed with! :)

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Maria!
I havent had the opportunity to see the Mona Lisa yet.
I know its relatively small. Were you surprised by the size?
I think a smaller portrait is more intimate, like it was meant to
be viewed in someones home rather than a stately mansion or palace.

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