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February 25, 2013


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Laura Tieri

Hatching an egg! That "cracked" me up! (egg..cracked..get it?) Actually , pun not originally intended. That fisherman's sweater looks like the one I bought myself in Scotland, only in miniature.
Did you get any of the snow that hit Texas? I heard they're taking the snow plows off the roads & calling in the National Guard. You know it's bad if they're taking the plows off the roads!
We're supposed to get some sleet & freezing rain early today & then snow later. I can't tell if we're in the 2-4" or 4-6" range.
Either way, I better run my errands early.
Have a great day!


I didn't know about putting wool sweaters in the freezer! Although I suppose it's easier to find space for a tiny baby sweater than for a medium-sized adult sweater...

Jill James

I am always amazed at Thriftlandia Gem scores ~ that sweater should have been shadow boxed.....but someone gifted you.....I guess it really is better to have it in use on a wee one than framed on a wall.


There's my baby god-fairies. Thanks for these glimpses.

Laura Irrgang

And my freezers so packed and messy, Im afraid even the baby sweater will send everything cascading out.

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