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January 18, 2013


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Jill James

This is much more romantic than the giant crows bouncing on my aspen tree branches eating the suet today! It looked like Invasion of The Birds.....

You really captured their personalities.....

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Jill.
Although---I have to say Im pretty fond of crows.


Great photos! I like to watch the birds in my yard, too. We get lots of crows here, too -- but like you, I'm fond of them.

There's also a hawk that hunts this particular neighborhood. I don't get a glimpse of him often, but when I do it's magical.

Laura Tieri

Those are some nice pictures you took.
Crows & ravens are my favorite birds. When I was little, I used to practice crow calls all the time. I got pretty good. I guess I've always liked them. But they do look like a horror movie scene when you get a bunch of them together. I guess you can thank Mr. Hitchcock for that. They are supposed to be very smart too.
P.S. Still waiting for snow. One storm is going north of me & one is going south. Geez!

Laura Irrgang

Crows are scary smart! Some people think theyre annoying and loud, but Ive always liked them, too.
I hope you get some snow soon, Laura!

Laura Irrgang

Maria-I have been so sad to see the hawks dying near our interstate.
I think they swoop across the road and get hit or fly into the big trucks.

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