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January 30, 2013


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Awe, love the old photos - Piper looks quite a lot like you did as a baby, don't you think?

You know, I walked at the end of 6 months. I was pulling myself up, and walking around holding onto things. And I was talking really really early too.

Then my sister came along. She was a big fat baby, so cute! And she didn't walk or talk til really late. She freaked everyone out with that.

But, she turned out 100% great, is about to get her PhD, talks a lot, even though she was so shy and didn't as a child.

She is outspoken, strong and smart.

So, that's what I have to say about that.

I say, folks should let baby's unravel as they wish. Like a flower petal, slowly opening at their own speed ;)

Beautiful girls!

Love, V


They are so cute and snuggly!
I am still crackin' about about your "lazy baby"!!!
Somethin' about old gas stations like that, ALWAYS a gas heater in a corner with all the old guys gathered around it. Now that is homey!


for shame! I meant, babies, not baby's. Looks like I never went to grade school ;)

Stacy Ross

Piper will do everything when she's good and ready...don't fret.

I love these pictures of the girls. You're going to treasure these when you're old and grey and refuse to wear anything but your pink fuzzy robe.


Aww, weren't you adorable as a baby! Just your girls :) Fingers crossed that Violet has an easier time. Jake is like that--he's the one out of the three kids who is most affected by changes. He gets grumpy and throws tantrums, as well. I know it can be tough.

How cute about how Piper holds her legs up and giggles :) Pretty soon she'll be taking off on those cute lil legs and you'll be wishing it was the leg-folding days again ;)


I love all these pics! Piper does look a lot like you did when you were a baby.

I was an early walker and a late talker, and I turned out to be a total klutz who rarely shuts up. So ya never know. ;)

Laura Irrgang

Thats funny, Maria!
You....rarely shuts up?

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I always think Piper looks just like her dad...then you go and show a pic of you at her age...and she looks like you.

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