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January 22, 2013


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Laura Tieri

That is so cool & colorful! That's a lot of juice & milk cartons.
Hey, could you hear me squealing yesterday morning? I thought everyone could probably hear me. When I got up & looked outside it was snowing! There was a little on the ground too. In total, probably less than an inch. But it was snow. Then we got the coldest temps. in 2 years, below zero with wind chills around 20 below. Right now it's 11 outside (a big warm-up). :o)

Jill James

I saw this on FB & heard he's an engineer student! Of Course He Is! I have an engineer husband & my 4th year mechanical engineer son & they live for projects like this.

The mom of the girl in your story started freezing these cartons so when the boyfriend engineer came to visit her daughter during Christmas break, they would be "occupied" (i.e. not having you know what"). But I'm guessing the igloo was an even cozier spot away from The Mom!


The igloo is gorgeous! When I was a kid we dug a snow fort into the side of a hill at my parents' house after a really big storm that had huge drifts. It was a lot of fun to make and play in, although it wasn't nearly as fancy as that one. The whole project was conceived and directed by my brother, who went on to get a PhD. I simply followed instructions... and am not nearly as well educated. Just goes to show you.

In other news, I am completely creeped out that a mother discusses her daughter's "personal life" (or the potential of it) on FB.

Laura Irrgang

Of course hes an engineer, indeed, Jill.
Huh---I totally missed the part about the keeping the young lovers separated.
Maria mentioned it, too, but I wasnt sure what she was talking about.
NOW I know!
(How embarrassing for her kids for her to mention that on Facebook. Good grief.)



Laura Irrgang

Yay for the snow, Laura T.!!!!
But---ew. EWWWWWW on those temperatures.
When we have cold weather, it rarely gets below 30 degrees,
usually never below 20. I cant fathom real cold weather.


Have you seen the ice hotel? Here is the website http://www.icehotel.com . I'd like to see it before I die but I'm worried that I would freeze. I'm not really good with cold weather. You don't have to spend the night there to see all the rooms but what an experience!

Laura Irrgang

Ive seen it and its gorgeous!
I agree, though---fun to look at, kind of miserable to actually stay in.
Id sneak in a heater and melt the whole dang thing down.

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