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December 07, 2012


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My favorite post! Lots of pics of the girls and just newsy stuff from the home front. Now I'm gonna read about the snow queen.


"A thrift store within a truck stop? Are you kidding me? What weird good fortune." My kind of gal! :)

I love this post. It makes me feel all cozy and Christmassy.


You certainly have two fantastically photogenic girls! Or maybe they are just terminally cute? Or maybe Mom is just a great photographer? All of the above?

Vanessa {a fanciful Twist}

Where are you going to get a bald husband? And what are you going to do with Adam? Do you have a plan? Does he know about this bald husband you are going to acquire? Tee heee ;)

That first photo of Violet.

Oh my heart.

Her hair loks angelic golden int he sun, and her face look more and more like a little girl. Such a beautiful little girl, my goodness!! So so pretty.

And that Piper!! Look at those legs, oh my woooord!!! Sqquueeeazable!!!

Does she have blue eyes too?

I still can't get over how different her and Violet looked as babies.

Both adorable in totally different ways.

Piper is a gerber baby.

Squuueeeze her for me!!

Laura Irrgang

That truck store thrift store was just weird.
It was a mix of stuff you might want and stuff that NO ONE, EVER in million years would want.
Like......pretty embroidered linens in great shape

stained, dirty sheet.
Vintage bubblegum colored hair dryers in their own retro suitcase-like box
rotten nasty curlers that were bent out of shape and filled with old dandruffy hair.

Jill James

Sometimes, when I buy a thrift store item, I ALWAYS wonder if the family donated it because the person died (the recliner I used to love until my friend said, "what if they sold it because Matilda croaked while watching Matlock?" FREE on the curb....

p.w. I don't think you and Adam could make an ugly baby.....

Jill James


p.w. is Pioneer Woman!

Laura Irrgang

You know, I guess Im weird, but that doesnt bother me in the LEAST.
The only thing that bothers me is when I think the actual family might actually BE there.
Like....at estate sales.
I am so scared that Im holding up some bit of jewelry and saying,
Its tacky, but is it TOO tacky? I love good, ironic tacky, but is this just TACKY?
And then Aunt Myrtles relative bursts into tears, running from the room.


I LOVE this post,..too,..your truck store thriftings and pre-reminiscings....love it all. Love to see your family growing,..what sweet girls.

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