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December 04, 2012


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What do you mean, why do KIDS like bounce houses so much? I want to play in them too! They need to make adult friendly bounce houses. It would be such fun to fall down without it hurting!

Laura Irrgang

You should hop on in, Grump!

Just dont squish the little people.

Vanessa {a fanciful Twist}

Hey it's Grump!!

No no,m don't squish the little people.

Laura, do you and I count as little people?


Love, V

Jill James

"Sometimes bad things happen" ~ my 20 yr old daughter had a massive meltdown last night re: college and Lord Almighty, I had to be the adult. (crying is good for a minute, then a solution must be found)......why didn't I think of baking cookies?! I swear, homemade cookies solve every problem......

When my husband goes massive errand shopping w/me, I tell him to go read the magazines until I'm done (ha ha).

You are a brilliant mom, Laura

Jill James

noticed I used the word "massive" twice ~ my husband & daughter have the same personality!

Paula Irrgang

Poor Violet! I feel that disappointment. But you handled it really well.

Laura Irrgang

My husband and almost 4 year old ALSO have a heck of a lot of similarities.
And youre right...cookies are always good for what ails you.


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