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December 16, 2012


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Dusti Harlan

First off, I love your tree and woods critters.
Walking through the woods and admiring intently were big with us growing up; even both my parents, in different ways.
I'm not a parent so, grain of sand and all. It IS important and some do it better than others but we should all have this awareness of it.
My Dad excelled in this but you know, Moms generally spend many fold the time shuffling kids absolutely everywhere with them and it IS hard to set aside the extra time.
I imagine you being particularly good at this Laura!

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Dusti. I know you and Brandi have such a healthy appreciation for all things natural and aesthetically pleasing. Including roadkill. I DO try to do these things with Violet (and eventually with Piper) but I always feel like Im forgetting things. It really helps to live in the boonies, though-cant help but see these things all around us every day.


I love the idea of "slowing down" with parenting. The older two kids are in preschool, and I definitely feel like things are more hectic the days they go to school, which is Monday through Wednesday. But then, maybe that's just because they go to school back to back...so it's literally "drop off-pick up-drop off-pick" in a span of a few hours.

I just checked out a book from the library called "Fed up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World" by Susan Sachs Lipman. I haven't read it yet, but the idea of slowing down is definitely something that's been on my mind.

Laura Irrgang

Sounds like a good book, Marty.
Im going to request it through our inter-library loan.
Do you have that at your library?
Saves me a ton of money on books I want to read
but dont necessarily need to own.

Oh---and Im totally going to be doing the back to back
preschool thing in a few years.
Let me know if anything helps with that transition.


Jill James

Hi Laura! Where did you put your Victorian foxes? Did you name them?

Do you like Tasha Tudor? I adore her.....She has a book "Forever Christmas" you would love.......

I won't go on about this, but it took me almost 6 years and many surgeries to have a baby.....my pet peeve was hearing parents say, "Hurry Up"....

There is a fabulous book "The Happiness Project" and the author is definitely a minimalist type A ~ and I'm a wanna be hoarder who reigns myself in (& not very well) type B ~ BUT it was #1 on the NY Times bestseller list. She has a new one "Happier at Home" but so far I don't like it as well. New moms & not so new moms should read it.....and get a crockpot! That thing saved me because my daughter lived at ballet.

One of the reasons I love your blog, Laura.....is you seem to take time to really live. (and you pose roadkill !!)

You are a Cancer and we Cancers rock the casbah when it comes to motherhood. The real test is how to not over-smother.

What worked for me was not to react to every little thing. I used rewards & not punishment. Plus, I wanted to have a 2nd childhood myself! I kissed them all the time. Everything is magic to them. When you get right down to it, having fun with them is important. When you look back, that's all you'll have.......

Laura Irrgang

Oh, Jill...what a lovely comment---thank you!
Im going to respond privately.

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