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November 07, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Laura you rock!

Excellent tutorial!

We just got a Big Lots here, and a Tuesday Morning. Well, like 10 minutes away, so that is fun!

Great photos too!!

Love, V

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Vanessa!
You will LOVE Big Lots, I promise.
Its fun because they always have different oddball stuff.
Its like a thrift store, but with food and makeup and holiday stuff.
Gross. That sounded horrible. Thrift store makeup---gag.
Everything is new. I swear.
They buy out chains of stores that are closing or relocating or something.
Like, if a chain of Walgreens is bought out by CVS, then Big Lots buys
the entire contents of all of Walgreens stores.
Then they sell THAT.
Does that make sense?

Jill James

I go to Big Lots Anonymous ~ seriously addicted.....(my husband cannot understand it) ~ he comes from a family that never haunts thrift stores or discount stores or buys anything with scratches or dings. My sis-in-law married a Greek and he & I are 2 peas in a pod with our antique, thrift, rusty, rangey, funky, aura from a past life vibes!

Sometimes I think B.L. sells products that are testing the waters ~ I bought Twinings Almond Chai there & it took about a month for it to show up in Walmart. (another store that mortifies people).

I wonder if Martha Stewart knows a lot of her things get closed out there. She would be seriously mortified!


Beautiful, Laura! As usual you amaze me!
Keep these lovely ideas coming.

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