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November 17, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful Twist}

Laura, the city house has one of those totally flat stoves. It works just like the coil stove tops imo.

But, it is hard to keep super clean. and if things over boil - ugly ugly top.

But, it does look nice and sleek.

Unless it gets dirty and scratched.

Although, I had a black top, so maybe a white top would be more forgiving?

Yes yes, I say go for a flat white top.

Tough choice, so sorry about your stove.

Stinks majorly.

I love the gas stove here at the country house. It's one of my fave things in a world of little luxuries here ;)

I wish my friend Dick was there, he could replace your element and get your stove back and working in no time.

He owns lots of houses in a little community, and fixing stoves is what he does all week he says :)

Laura Irrgang

Dick the Stove Fixer....
sounds like a fairy tale.


I still can't believe it's normal for a stove to last 8 years. When my Grandma died in 2001, she had the same electric stove that was installed when her house was built in the late 1930s. Her fridge from the same era was only replaced in the 1970s because she wanted the frost-free kind; it still worked fine.

Ugh. Enough complaining about today not being like Days of Yore. :)

I really love that turquoise stove. WANT.

Jill James

Laura.....you know how some women love looking at buff men & reading romance novels? Nothing turns me on more than a well built stove! I NEVER have jealousy but if someone has an awesome stove & they don't cook (horrors), a pang goes through my heart! I want an AGA. It is my dream and I'm going to have it one day......I too have the dreaded flat top. It's the Amana Big Oven. The top will stay pretty if you get Bar Keeper's friend stove top cleaner. There is a new color....it looks like pin dot gray. They stay cleaner looking like Vanessa said, if you don't have a dark color.

OMG I want that AGA soooooooooooo bad :)

Jill James

p.s. get convection ~ it is worth the extra $$$ and it makes electric a little more bearable.

Laura Irrgang

The AGA---swoon!
Have you seen the purple one?????
Soooo out of my price range.
I, too, have been known to develop a mean case of kitchen envy.

Laura Irrgang

The AGA---swoon!
Have you seen the purple one?????
Soooo out of my price range.
I, too, have been known to develop a mean case of kitchen envy.

Lisa Muncy

Laura, my stove died last month!! We just got a GE flat-top and I love it! It's stainless steel with a warming drawer as well, and 5 burners, one is a warming burner. It has convection, too. The top is black, and I've been cleaning it with the scrubber and cleanser that came with it, and it looks fine still, although I have boiled some food over on it! A few slight stains but they don't bother me because they're small. The cleanser and scrubber get most of it off. Stainless steel flat bottom pans are recommended, or stainless/aluminum clad combo. Pure aluminum or copper were not recommended, not Visions glassware. I didn't care about that, though, I had most pots that were the required kind. I donated the curved bottom ones and my Visionware to family and to a thrift store. I was so excited to get this stove (on sale plus my husband's military discount) that I didn't care to make a few changes. I was totally happy NOT to clean and foil and change burners and drip pans anymore! I heard that Frigidare brand isn't so good anymore, and that GE is the best, so I knew I wanted GE. Hope you get one right away or get yours fixed! I hate that this happened to you right near the holiday!! Good luck!

Laura Irrgang

Oh my gosh, Lisa---thats TONS of perfect information.
Yours sounds great. I have a lot of curved bottom pans...wah!
I wonder why those are bad....they scratch, maybe?
Im glad you were able to get the military discount, too.
Thanks again for all this great info---it truly helps.


I've had my Decor range for around 5 years. I'm hoping it has many more years of use. Aga envy? I understand. I have LaCornue and LaCanche envy. I browsed the web until my fingers were sore looking at these stoves prior to my kitchen upgrade. Ultimately I decided reliability was crucial, appearance a close second :) Boring point: for me, a built-in timer was an important feature in my decision. I use my timer EVERY time I cook. And I even use the time bake feature. Good luck with your shopping.

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Charlotte.
Dont you wish there was just a Stove Fairy out there?

Laura Tieri

I wanted to wish you & your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
Or as I sometimes say it... Happy Tofu-Turkey Day!


I am absolutely in love with those vintage stoves you posted above! I wonder if I could find some stoves in Olathe CO like that? I'm sorry that it died just in time for Thanksgiving. What did you end up doing? http://www.daveschimneyandstove.com

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