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November 16, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful Twist}



I just looove all he crazy armadillo lady photos!!!

Laura Tieri

I like how the armadillo has his nose in his own book!
Can he read or does he just like looking at the pictures? :o)

Laura Irrgang

Who do you think writes the reviews?

Laura Tieri

I see! So he's the real brains of the operation & you're just the pretty face for the photo shoots! Although, he is pretty handsome with that sparkle in his eyes!

Jill James

You do look cat lady crazy! or maybe a Texan heiress who goes to all the cocktail parties.....

Speaking of fairy tale art ~ I used to take my children to a children's museum housed in a huge old antique swim building (funky & fun) There was a fairy tale room with the most incredible murals of all the Grimm fairy tales. When we went back looking for the room again, they said it had been painted over! Painted over! It was a crime.

I absolutely adore fairy tales....."The Bloody Chamber" was a fabulous surprise ~ who knew fairy tales could read like THAT?!


Hooray! The book blog and the home page look great! I've bookmarked them both.

I love how you showed different artists' illustrations of the same story.

Good luck with this new venture!!

Laura Irrgang

Jill-the childrens museum murals sound so intriguing.
And I agree...painting over things seems like such a crime.

What was the name of the museum, and where was it located?
Ill Google the heck out of it to see if I can come up with anything.
(side note: I also taught lessons at a childrens museum and it was located inside an
old grocery store.
It had such a weird vibe. You could still see the drains in the floor and the tiles for the fish/meat areas.
It kind of gave me the creeps.)
Bloody Chamber...yes! So delightfully creepy.

Jill James

The Museum moved to Discovery Gateway......but it was called Children's Museum of Utah on 840 Beck Street.....so charming! Some artist painted every surface of a really huge room. Whenever things change, sometimes it can be for the better but malls don't have the same charm as old buildings.

There is an older artist lady in Salt Lake, Pilar Pobil.....it almost looked like something she would do. She has artists painting all the underpasses (miles of concrete) and putting mosaic art on the columns in the west part of Salt Lake. I almost get into wrecks trying to look at it!

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