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October 11, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Seriously, that lady lounge, beyond nice!!! Super fab in fact!!

Ahhh, look at your girls!!!!

Nice stems!!

I LOVE that first photo of Violet, it is so perfectly, I don't know.

Beyond CUTE!! and adorable, and perfectly wonderful little girl adorableness overload!!!


I love that waiting room! Around here, you have to get bumped up to the next level of care before you get the pretty waiting rooms and exam rooms. It's actually really comforting, and I wish more doctors' offices thought about that.

The pictures of you and the girls are too cute!

Jill James

You guys look very jaunty for a fast food place! Your girls....they look so cuddly....

and ~ what a fancy schmancy "Lady's Lounge" (Miss Vanessa)
I fully expect to see a waiter come in with a tray of hor d'oeuvres and gin & tonics all around!


Love the pic of Mamma and her 2 girls. Violet is hard to upstage, but Mamma, ooo weee, you are looking mighty fine.

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