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October 22, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Armadillo's armchair is super cute!! I can see your mascot now!! ;)

Jill James

I vote Armadillo Armchair or Laura Loves Literature (kind of naughty librarian B movie sounding!)

speaking of libraries: I'm going to a Paranormal Ghost seminar on Ogden, Utah at the library tonight. Everyone riding a train in the United States, no matter their destination, had to pass through Ogden. It is a real rootin tootin old drinking, gambling, prostitution town......Browning Guns was based here too.

I will get back to your e-mail (I want to spend a while on it) That was soooooooo funny in some parts (and also scary on another level)

The Happiness Project author, Gretchen Rubin, has 3 book recommendations each month (fiction, non-fiction & a children's book). Found Geek Love from you.....

Laura Irrgang

Ooooh....I like the luscious alliteration of Laura Loves Literature.
Triple L, baby!
The ghost seminar sounds FUN.
Thanks for the Happiness Project info....Ill go check it out right now.

Jill James

Its called The Ghost Society (even better)....


You've got some good blog titles there. I like most all of them; especially 1 & 4. Bon chance. You know how much I read. I pay attention to customer reviews if I'm considering a purchase, and I read book reviews in newspaper and magazines. So far I haven't sought out a book blog.


I like Rhinestone Reads and the above suggestion Laura Love Literature. Good luck!

Lisa Muncy

OHHH!! I definately like The Rhinestone Bookmark best, followed by Armadillo's Armchair. These 2 titles caught my attention the most and would make me want to check those sites out! They sound more interesting, and are more creative.

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