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October 05, 2012


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Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Poor woman, imagine? No matter how succesful you are on one thing, you sort of want to be able to branch out and not be sucked into one niche alone.

Although, she is a bizillionaire, so maybe that brunts the blow???

I didn't read any Harry Potter - so maybe i should read it?

Back the RE hell school.


Laura Irrgang

Oh, I like the HP books so much!
Give the first one a try, at least.
Its the perfect time of year, too....great Halloween/fall reading.

Jill James

My kids read them all (and we saw the movies) but horrors, I have not read Harry Pottah!!!! I've read The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials) series ~ does that count?

About the ads ~ why not give them a try? It's your blog and you will attract your readers regardless.....really, I think it will make you look important!

Will e-mail you directly about the test I took ~ full speed ahead on using my left brain for just a little while ~ it was HELLISH but I passed with flying colors.

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