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October 23, 2012


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Wow, I didn't know anyone did square bales anymore! My Dad had me driving a tractor (poppin-johnnie) at a younger age than that. It had a hand clutch and basically I only had to go in a straight line. We were hauling peanuts to a stationary thrasher in the late 40's or early 50's. I can still remember it!

Laura Irrgang

Well I guess we've been remiss in Violets education.
Perhaps its time her grandfather, better known as Grump, taught her to drive a tractor.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Wholey Guacamole, tractor aficionados start early, who knew??? My oh my!!!

I was horrified, but Lloyd did it younger? Wowza!

I wouldn't trust a 3 year old with a butter knife. Who knew?


ps: extra cute little girl tea party with milk!!! Love it!

Jill James

Whoa Nellie.....next it's moonshine at age 5!

Speaking of butter knives ;) I remember reading Jacques Pepin suggesting that all 7 year old French children should know how to cut up apples and make a tart! I think Americans are still brushing their children's teeth at that age and using antibacterial wipes on them at every moment.....but I would have to draw the line on driving the tractor at 4 years old.

The little girl is a cutie & probably appreciated a break from the fields (!)

Violet is super worldly if she knows Joanna Newsom lyrics (did she play her little harp too?) She could hold her own against an adult in New York City ~ I was in awe over your e-mail Laura! Where is that little girl's mother?


I'm still waiting for pics of you driving the truck wearing a cute little dress, high heels, and a fascinator! :)

Laura Irrgang

Ok, Jill-
I suppose its time for Violets first tart lesson, then.

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