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October 24, 2012


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Good heavens Laura, is there nothing you can't do! (especially after just having a baby not that long ago) It looked like you & Adam did really well, good for you! That was a neat way to celebrate your anniversary. I've never tried Ethiopian food, but hope to one day.

Laura Irrgang

Hi Donna! Im not sure if I do that much really well, but I sure like to try lots of things.
If you like Middle Eastern food, I think youd like Ethiopian. They were vaguely similar.


You look great, my friend! You'd never know to look at you that you had a baby less than 6 months ago. How do you do it?

It looks like you had a lot of fun (and a yummy dinner). :)

Jill James

The article about Fanny & her husband was fabulous and makes you believe true love exists (they are complete & total opposites~ wow ~) If you are married to an engineer (Laura and me) it has it's challenges sometimes! But a circus performer to an attorney ~ I wonder how that goes?!

What a creative anniversary you planned Laura. Your husband will never be able to take you to a movie & dinner again!

Laura Irrgang

Thanks, Maria!
I think breastfeeding helps more than anything.
Ive lost 40 pounds since Ive been pregnant.
Good GRIEF that was a lot of extra weight, but the doctor
wouldnt even let me take walks.
That class was soooo fun!
Im signing up for another one with friends this time.


You both make it look easy...HA! I would be afraid to even try. Awesome.

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